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Worry-free Freelin-Wade® plastic tubing arrives on time, and it fits.

Ordering is easy. Our plastic tubing is an exact fit and with a verifiable 99% on-time delivery rate, you know  exactly when your order will arrive. We stock more than 4,000 sizes, colors and  configurations of pneumatic hoses, flexible plastic  tubing, polyurethane tubing, and nylon tubing. Plus, we're happy to make any plastic  tubing variations that you might dream up. Our clear plastic tubing and  hoses have worked great in numerous industries, especially in the dental and  medical, food and beverage, robotics and electronic fields.  Our plastic  tubing and hoses can be used for any application. No minimum order quantity so  it's easy to have us build a coil, private label, create multi-tube bundles or  whatever it is that you can imagine.

Contact T-Summit for  all your plastic and flexible tubing needs.

  Coiled Tubing & Hoses 

Nylon Tubing

Polyethylene Tubing

Polyurethane Tubing (Fre-thane Tubing)

PVC Tubing (Vinyl Tubing)

Specialty Plastic Tubing

Plastic Tubing Accessories

Plastic Tubing & Flexible Tubing Products

This catalog describes our array of in-stock plastic tubing, flexible  tubing, hoses, and accessories. In addition, we also do what we call  "variations." Most plastic tubing variations involve taking our in-stock plastic tubing and  personalizing it to our customer’s specifications. This includes coiling,  bonding, cutting, special packaging, or  printing.

Because we are a plastic & flexible tubing  manufacturer, there are even more variations possible. Specifically, if there  is a custom size, shape or color that you need, we’ll make it.

Coiled Tubing & Hoses
Generally when we talk about our coiled tubing  and hoses, what differentiates them is the presence of a reinforcement. If it  has the reinforcement, it’s a hose. If not, then we refer to it as tubing.  Reinforcement most often comes from a braided thread embedded in the walls of  the hose. A hose may also be reinforced other ways, as with our corrugated and  asepsi hoses.

In addition to our famous Flexeel® brand hoses, Freelin-Wade offers a  variety of coiled and non-coiled tubing and hoses. Our polyurethane Flexcoil®  is the original tangle free coiled hose. Our standard Flexcoil comes with  reusable fittings, with the option of having strain relief. Our Fre-Thane®  coils are similar to Flexcoil, but without the fittings. We also stock our  Nylon 11 coils in a mini size, single tube and twin tube.

Ask us about our coiling variations. We developed our own coiling technology  that enables us to easily position tails in any length, and point them in any  direction. The right tails mean that our coiled tubing  and hoses are easier to use, cause less user fatigue and save  wear-and-tear on your tools. Our engineers are happy to work with you to design  exactly the right coiled tubing or hose for your  needs… and we can make your coil from almost all of our tubing. Just ask!

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact T-Summit today to learn more about our coiled tubing and flexible hoses!

Dental Tubing & Profiles
"When it comes to dental tubing, Silcryn (TM) changes everything"

Two years in the development, Freelin-Wade is proud to offer Silcryn (TM), our latest advancement in dental tubing. Silcryn’s suppleness reduces hand and wrist fatigue. Dentists will appreciate its smooth surface because it will keep their tools neat and they won’t get tangled up with other tubes. It has a soft matte-like finish which gives equipment that high-end look and feel.

Freelin-Wade Company sets the standard for quality dental tubing. Add our industry leading manufacturing expertise; rapid delivery, limitless product variations, and extensive value added services and we will satisfy any of your dental tubing requirements. Our customer service team is ready to help you find exactly the right tubing solution for your project. Find out how easy it is to do business with Freelin-Wade. Call us today.

Feature: AsepsiFlex LT (TM). This ultra-flexible lightweight hose has a smooth Asepsis outer wall, perfect for umbilical applications requiring a cleanable surface. It is now possible to run tubing and wires in and out of tight places, bundled together in a tight, easy-to-clean package.

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